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Revitalizing Treasured Family Heirlooms: Menorahs

I know what you’re thinking. A holiday post? In retort, I will say that December is a bad time to start thinking about having your menorah polished. We’ve had a couple folks recently who wanted to be absolutely sure they were ready and brought in their menorahs for polishing.

The first menorah is a small brass piece with the shamash (the ninth light) on an arm with a Star of David. It came in a bit tarnished and bent, with the Star of David turned to the side.

So we did what we do. The menorah was straightend, the Star of David turned to face forward, and refinished in high polish brass. Viola! The sad menorah is now a showpiece.

The next one had a few more wrinkles. This bronze menorah is a lot bigger and heavier, and even before refinishing it was an impressive piece even while tarnished.

But we can make it better! This menorah was originally wired for electricity, but the wires were cut long ago, and the owner was stuffing candles in the old bulb sockets. She decided to replace the old sockets with new 7/8″ candle sockets. The owner also wanted to go with our oil rubbed/antique/statuary finish, which we think turned out fantastic.

Let us know what you think about the blog in the comments, or if you have a menorah, or anything else in brass, bronze, or copper that needs to be repaired or refinished send us an email.

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