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Antiques, Repairs & Refinishing



Refinishing & Repair

Repair your treasured statue to look like new.

Our fully equipped machine shop is able to perform a wide range of machining and finishing operations. We can have sand or lost wax castings made from existing parts or designs and machine them to create a completed part. All parts can then be polished, finished with lacquers or patinas.  Below is a sample of our restoration work. 

  • Statues 

  • Trophies 

  • Door hardware – handles, knockers, kick plates, hinges, push bars, mail slots, house numbers 

  • Plaques 

  • Bathroom hardware – spouts, faucets, knobs, drains, stoppers, plugs, shower heads 

  • Menorahs 

  • Lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, candelabras, candlesticks 

  • Platters and serving trays 

  • Grills and grates 

  • Furniture – tables, bed frames, dressers, chairs


For more information on our capabilities, please visit Capabilities.

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