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What is refinishing?

Refinishing is a process in which a layer of dull, oxidized metal is removed, and the underlying pure metal alloy is polished to restore the original luster.

What metals can be refinished?

We can refinish bronze, brass, and aluminum. Items plated in chrome, nickel, gold, or silver can be stripped, polished, and re-plated. Items made of white metal (light colored metal usually used as an inexpensive base for plating) can either be plated or polished and sprayed with lacquer to appear like bronze.

What finishes do you offer?

In metal, we offer high polish (not pictured – mirror like finish), satin (brushed), and statuary (oil rubbed or antique) finishes.

We can also re-finish any wooden parts on your items in light, medium, and dark oak.

We can create some custom finishes, however they are subject to additional lead times, cost, and a sample must be approved before we can begin work.

How can you tell the difference between brass and bronze?
Bronze has a red color, while brass has a yellow color.


Can you repair damage?

We can repair most damage to brass and bronze by welding or soldering parts, knocking out dents, etc. We can also re-cast missing or severely damaged parts as necessary.

Can you repair my broken statue?
In most cases, yes, we can. If you send an email with photos, we can provide you with an estimate.


How do I know if my piece is brass, bronze, or white metal?
Start by taking a magnet to the piece. If it is magnetic, the item is likely made of steel or iron. Next, take a file to expose the underlying metal. If it the metal looks yellow, its brass. If the metal looks red, it’s bronze. If the metal looks silver, it’s white metal.


Can you preserve the natural patina?
There are several factors to consider when preserving patinas. When making repairs, if we are welding or soldering, the heat will cause discoloration. Chances are that we would then have to refinish the piece and it will lose the original patina. We can often add a new patina, but it's best to contact us to talk through the specifics of your piece.

Can you make bronze look like brass and/or vice versa?
We can make brass look bronze with a tinted lacquer. If you want to make bronze look like brass, we would need to consider plating.


Can you replicate items?

Yes, in most cases. Some pieces will require one-time set-up fees in addition to the per-item cost.

Can you create new items to my specifications?

We can! Either bring us your design or tell us what you’d like and we’ll design it for you. Like replication, though, some designs will require one-time set-up fees in addition to the per-item cost. Also, most custom fabrication jobs require a non-refundable deposit.

Is there a minimum charge for orders?

Our minimum order total is $120.


How long do refinishing and/or repair jobs take?

Jobs typically take 3-4 weeks to complete. We can often arrange for quicker turnarounds if necessary, however.

Construction lead time – 6-8 weeks


Do you install items?
We do basic installation, but we work with other installers for more complex projects. 


We are adding new FAQs all the time. If you don’t see an answer for your question, though, please email us.

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