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Light up your altar with paschal, processional, acolyte and altar candlesticks for all occasions.

Founded in 1935, Progressive Bronze Products has deep roots in the funeral and religious products industries. While our dealers focus in North America and Canada, we have shipped our custom religious metalworking to every continent outside of Antarctica and its products and services have been lauded for years by customers seeking the highest quality metal finishes under the Excelsis brand name. We offer a wide variety of products and can also refinish, restore and repair aged pieces.

  • Candlesticks 

  • Tabernacles 

  • Holy water fonts, pots, and reservoirs 

  • Crosses and crucifixes 

  • Sanctuary lamps 

  • Incense censers and boats 

  • Candle followers, burners, sockets, and wax protectors 

  • Cemetery memorial lights 

  • Memorial plagues 

  • Refinishing, restoration, and repairs 


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