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Custom Manufacturing Roundup

Happy almost Thanksgiving, everyone! In this post, I’d like to highlight some of Progressive Bronze’s custom manufacturing projects and capabilities.

Curtain Rods

We’ve already covered some custom manufacturing projects like these curtain rods, and now we’d like to cover some of the other projects we’ve taken on.

Here at Progressive Bronze we have a fully equipped shop, able to machine, spin, or cast parts. The parts are then finished to your specification, be it raw, polished, or plated in nickel or chrome. If there are multiple parts, they can be welded or mechanically connected to create finished pieces.

We can work with existing designs, but if you have an idea and not the design skills we can be of assistance. Just let us know what you want and we’ll work up a design using 3D modeling so you know what it will look like before we make it.

So let’s take a look at some projects!

Aluminum Chandelier


We had the opportunity to do a custom aluminum chandelier assembly for a local designer. The ‘wings’ and center came to us pre-cut in pieces, and we fabricated the tubes and spikes. Beyond that, it was prepped for wiring by creating openings in the tubes and machining and installing brackets for LEDs. Once it was together, we painted it. We don’t do a lot of painting, but the process and equipment needed is very similar to lacquering, which we do on a daily basis, so it was a snap.

Bronze Bookends

These bookends are an example of replicating a design with a different material. A designer provided us a pair of steel, powder coated bookends and requested we make a pair from bronze, and finish them with a mirror polish. In this case, we considered bending and cutting plate in to the proper shape, but due to the thickness of the bookends it would be difficult. Instead, we opted to cast them, using the example as our molds. Once they were poured, all we had to do was give them a clean-up and polish, then lacquer and viola! Bronze bookends.

Privacy Screens

Contrary to what you find in just about every post on this site, we do actually work with steel sometimes. We were approached by a local pizzeria earlier this year to create some dining room privacy screen for a new location. The materials were simple – steel tube and small flat bar – but we had to perform a fairly intricate weave and weld the bar to the frame. Once we had all the screens welded, they were then powder-coated and installed. Here is what they look like in place:

If you have a custom project you’d like us to tackle, or have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below, or send us an email.

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