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Pulling Back the Curtains on a Custom Job

Recently, Ursula from The Drapery House in Park Ridge, IL approached us to custom manufacture curtain rods for a client of hers. She had a design in mind for the entire set, from brackets to rods to rings, so all she needed was someone to turn her ideas in to reality. Enter Progressive Bronze!

The design is very clean, with straight lines and not much embellishment. For the rods themselves we used hollow brass tube, but we also needed brackets to hold them. Ursula gave us the bracket below (on the left) to base our custom version on, with a few sizing changes (click any image to enlarge). We cast two versions, one ‘standard’ and another with a wider, reinforced, wall mount.

Finials add a nice touch to the set. We machined these custom knob-style finials from solid brass bar. They are secured to the rod by a set screw.

Lastly we have the custom curtain rings. The ring section that fits on to the rods is machined from solid brass bar, and a fixed grommet made from heavy-gauge brass wire is welded on.

Then they got a little polish to remove any darkening due to heat.

Ursula did not want theses to be finished or lacquered. Instead she is opting for the set to darken over time as a patina slowly forms. Here is a portion of the entire set.

And together in a mock assembly.

If you have a design and need a custom manufacturing partner, or if you just have a question, please let us know in the comments, or send us an email.

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